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Arihant arden the best property in greater noida west

Many real estate builders are crafting residential masterpieces and lifestyle experiences from building luxurious spaces to live.Many real estate builders are crafting residential masterpieces and lifestyle experiences from building luxurious spaces to live.

Arihant Buildcon, the leading real estate builder maintain the highest level of professionalism and has developed projects that have become homes for many. The builder offers a complete range of real estate solutions with great attention to detail in design, quality and amenities. They have been exceeding the expectations of the buyers by setting new benchmarks of architectural excellence. The builder aims to bring the home of your dreams into reality, with a string investment venture. Explore the list of their luxurious residential project and find your dream home.

They are pioneers in creating modern and innovative residential projects and has successfully positioned itself as a name equivalent with innovative management, excellence, quality standards, timely delivery and strict adherence to professional ethics. They focus on the development of infrastructure along with quality with a commitment to excellence, which is harmonized only with the aim to provide people with a better living experience and bridge a strong relationship with the clients. They have always put emphasis on quality in every project with complete ultramodern amenities aimed at providing comfort and maximum satisfaction to the clients, which made them the top real estate builder.

The builder has not just built remarkable structures but has also built a reputation that is as solid as their structures. One of the luxurious residential projects of the builder is Arihant Arden, where you will find all the luxury and convenience of the modern era.

Arihant Arden is the best property in Greater Noida West, giving you the preference to choose from 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK luxurious apartments, which is fully equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities. Every apartment is set to amuse you with the beautiful view of the lush green expanses, that gracefully blends with the surroundings. The luxurious apartments in the lush green environment, ensures a healthy living to give the residents a stress free and a peaceful life. The intelligent floor plan is set keeping in mind the usage of space, which will ensure the natural flow of fresh air and sunlight in each room of the apartment.

The project is backed up by an array of world class amenities and facilities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, sauna rooms, yoga center, convenient market center for daily needs, ample parking space, rain water harvesting system, hi-tech security with intercom facility, 100% power back, round the clock water supply, high speed lifts, fire fighting equipments, etc.

Bath to shower remodeling a gift that every child can give his parents

For older folks there is no better gift in their old age than one that offers them safety and security.

For older folks there is no better gift in their old age than one that offers them safety and security. Bath to shower remodeling is one such gift from their children that offers them a complete peace of mind as it enables them to take a bath in their homes comfortably and securely.

Research shows that elderly people are prone to accidents when bathing in bathtubs

Caring children are always worried about their parents and grand-parents and are always anxious about their well being. That is why they take care to ensure that very moment of their loved ones is spent in security and comfort. Research done at the Texas A&M University has shown that older people are more prone to accidents in their homes than when they are outside. Data gathered during the research shows that the incidence of accidents is highest when the elderly people are taking a bath. This is due to the fact that they are liable to fall and injure themselves either when they are climbing into the bathtub; or when they are coming out of the bathtub. The problem is compounded due to the fact that the bathtubs have a slippery floor and their height poses a challenge to elderly people who find it difficult to raise their legs.

There are several advantages of bath to shower remodeling

Bath to shower remodeling removes all risks associated with bathing especially in elderly people and this is the reason why bath to shower remodeling is such a hit. After doing bath to shower remodeling bathing becomes very simple and easy. Since the level of the shower is the same as the floor, all that one needs to do is to simply walk into the shower. Secondly, the floor of the shower is non-slippery and this means that the bather feels as if he or she is standing on the floor of the kitchen with bare feet. The third advantage of bath to shower remodeling is that there are no chances of a puddle of water forming in the pan of the shower because there is a large sized drainage vent that takes away all the water quickly. Another advantage of bath to shower remodeling is that the elderly feel secure when standing in a shower. At the sides of the shower horizontal and vertical bars are strategically placed so that they give a strong and secure grip to the elderly. The elderly people grasp these bars when taking a bath. Also there is a scald protection valve provided in the showers that prevents sudden changes in the temperature of the water.

Today the trend among people is to order bath to shower remodeling services

Today more and more people are increasingly getting convinced of the advantages of a shower and are ordering bath to shower remodeling services for their parents, especially if they are staying away from their parents and are therefore naturally concerned about their well-being.